Sunday, 5 August 2018

July to August are passing by so quickly!
I don't know where the time has gone! Summer has been a haze of sunshine and it is still very warm here in the West country. It has been too hot to do blog posts and I was busy having a birthday at the end of June. We went to the seaside. Holidaying in beautiful Dorset. The Jurassic Coast at Durdle Door.
I found a magical dog stone on the beach at Lulworth Cove which is walking distance to Durdle Door. The stone is all natural but it does look like somebody has painted a dog's head. 
Lulworth Cove which is also stunning, reminds me of Cornwall and the light is very similar as well. It was busy there although my photos do not show many people on the beaches.
I was annoyed to find that people leave so much rubbish around along the walkways. We all need to look after these places of natural beauty and should always make sure to take our rubbish home after visiting.
We will be going back towards the end of summer when it is less busy. I'm looking forward to a more peaceful visit.
I Have a Weird Shop! 
I have a newish shop that I opened late last year called Weird Fox I decided to move away from Etsy and try out Bigcartel instead. It was a lot easier to set up and is less complicated than Etsy with it's layout. I have been busy making new stock ready for Christmas although progress is slow at the moment what with the heat and holidays. I've already sold out of these velvet cushions and dream pillows that have my designs printed on them. Some of the cards and Zigsa cat jewellery pieces have sold as well. 

Zigsa and Ollie cat @myleftfang are on Twitter. The cats have been an inspiration for my new designs. Ollie is Ricky Gervais and Jane Fallon's beautiful cat. 
They have an Ollie velvet cushion, an original illustration, and cards too. Cards and postcards have been popular with customers. They send me photos of them framed and they put them up on their walls to decorate their homes which is really great to see.
These Ziggy earrings are listed in the shop at the moment and there is a matching necklace too. Also available are some mixed cards. Weird Fox Shop
We hope you are all enjoying the summer. It is best to make the most of it because it will be Winter soon. If you are on Twitter, feel free to follow me CLICK HERE and I will follow back!

Thursday, 31 May 2018

An end of May blog post. I have been away far too long! 
Time has flown by so fast and May has been wonderful in the Uk with an abundant of Spring flowers. We have had a Spring heatwave! 
Spring sunshine through the Daffodils.
I have been enjoying lying in a hammock under the Apple Trees. 
I remember when I did my very first blog post, way back in 2008. I have dipped in and out of blogging over the years and I've had different blog names, such as Joanne May Illustration, Willow Treefox, and Ghost Lily Design.
The banner from an old blog.
So much has changed and these days it seems people have less time to blog and write long posts. Many people I used to follow on Blogger have moved away!
Discovering new Relations on my family tree.
My name has changed yet again to Joanne Potter after discovering that I'm related to Beatrix Potter, who I greatly admire. 
A young Beatrix Potter with her dog Spot.
I had most of her beautiful books when I was a little girl and her illustrations have always inspired me. Beatrix did some amazing conservation work for the National Trust and I'm also a member of the National Trust, I have been for many years. 
The Foxy Whiskered Gentleman is one of my favourite Characters. 
After researching my family tree I discovered that I have much in common with Beatrix, apart from being an illustrator as well, I love nature and feel passionate about wildlife conservation. It is so important to preserve the wildlife for future generations. We can all do our bit to help the insects, birds, and animals. 
I planted a Buddleja Bush. Also known as a Butterfly Bush.
Lavender is great for encouraging Bees into the garden.
We finally bought a house in 2013 after years of moving around and renting. One of the first things I wanted to do was to landscape the garden, it is now a woodland garden. I planted Japanese Maple trees and flowers that would encourage wildlife. 
Zigsa cat loves the woodland garden too. You can also find him on his Twitter page, @ZigsaCat
In my next blog post I will show some of the work I have been doing over the past few years and discuss more about wildlife and how it influences my art.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

A Winter Without Snow and The Fox Project...
It seems the snow queen has decided not to visit us this year in the South West of England. We have had plenty of frosts but only a tiny bit of snow for five minutes which soon melted away. I'm really missing it because last year we did not have any either. I think a winter without snow is just wrong and a sign of environmental changes that are causing a lot of problems in nature. This beautiful 'Snow Queen' illustration is by Angela Barrett from Pinterest and the other photo is a winter scene from January 2010 near my home.

The milder weather and constant rain encouraged the birds to have chicks far too early in 2014, I saw a few casualties in the garden and baby birds were dying because of the warm and then sudden cold climate. This poor little fellow did not survive. I tried feeding him and keeping him warm, but he was far too weak and there was no sign of his parents anywhere.
We really do need to treasure and preserve wildlife because it is getting harder for birds and animals to survive environmental changes and the cruelty of man.
I decided to start the New year in a positive way. I found 'The Fox Project' on Facebook just before Christmas. They are a non-profit organization that is run by volunteers, who help injured foxes and abandoned cubs. 
The photo shown below was taken from their Website Gallery. Lorraine was an abandoned vixen cub and was successfully rehabilitated into the wild...
I will never understand why anyone would want to harm these beautiful shy creatures. Farmers and people that own chickens seem to have always disliked the fox and consider them as vermin or aggressive towards pets. 
I believe it is possible to live in harmony with foxes by making secure chicken coops and keeping pets indoors at night. I'm not going talk too much about fox hunting here because I just see it as a senseless, cruel act that should remain banned! 
This shy foxy was found on Pinterest.
If you want to support 'The Fox Project' charity, you can donate money to their website or just visit and like the Facebook Page. They are getting a lot of support from artists as well, I have sold a few art prints and some foxy jewellery in my shop, and then donated some of the money to the project. At the moment I have a few silver earrings with carnelian stones that are for sale, to help the cause...
I hope you are all having a good winter with some snow. Stay cosy and warm by the fire and see you soon! xx