Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Little Christmas Tree and Blessings.
It has been a difficult and worrying November and December so far because of ill health in my family. I have not been feeling at all Christmassy and we were not going to have a tree this year but I could not resist buying one when I found a real tree growing in a pot, it has little battery lights, plus a few decorations. The little tree is sweet, it cheers me up on these cold Winter evenings, sparkling in the corner of the living room and it can be planted in the garden in the New Year so the wildlife can enjoy it as well in the Spring.
For years I have been collecting Christmas decorations and I do have a large imitation tree for them all. The decorations are from all over the place and each one has their own story to tell. Some are from far away countries like New Zealand and Australia. 
I'm glad I managed to design a charity Christmas card, even though there has been a lot going on lately and there were a few problems with the design, but all turned out well in the end!
The illustration is of Oreo the badger giving Christmas blessings to his woodland friends. I mentioned in my last blog post that Oreo is a rescue badger at the Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital... I'm pleased to say that both sets of limited edition cards sold out quite quickly at the Weird Fox shop and we have raised £62 for the charity. 
I wanted to create and sell more things in the shop this year but the time has been limited to make the stock. In some ways it has been good to opt out of the craziness of Christmas shopping. 
Ziggy is ready for Xmas though! Here he is modelling his red scarf, he likes his knitwear, he purrs when I put his jumpers and scarves on him. Just because he has fur does not mean that he does not feel the cold, especially as he is mostly an indoor cat, he loves creature comforts, being cosy and warm... 
I'm only doing one small blog post for December so we would just like to say... 
Have a Peaceful and Lovely Christmas with your family and friends. 
Best Wishes for the New Year and may all your dreams come true in 2019. 
Love, Jo and Zigsa. XX